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cast Gary Sinise

Jeffrey Kluger


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' This allows the Saturn to achieve. Proceeds to show a rocket that looks like an N-1. shame. I'll never forget what it was like that night. I was watching a movie and suddenly a crawl appeared at the bottom of the screen: THE APOLLO 13 ASTRONAUTS ARE IN DANGER. THE MISSION TO THE MOON MIGHT HAVE TO BE ABANDONED. It was very frightening. The next morning I learned the mission was being aborted in deep space.


Apollo 13 real footage. Anyone ever notice at 1:28 in the background, he understands that the simulator is going to need to be used here. He moves over to John Aaron to perhaps begin discussing details, but as SOON as he hears “I want people in the simulators” he jets out to begin work. No immediately begins carrying out the order. This is a man that can “read the room” very well, as they say. He knew the order was coming.

Apol c2 b7lo 13 case.
Skipped many lectures to listen to the radio on the rescue.
We've had a hardware restart.
You cant run a vacuum cleaner on 12 amps John looks across to lamp that runs out 13.
Great monologue at 24m30s by Gene Kranz.



Mans second greatest achievement. Čím to je, že konspirační jelita která vyvrací přistání na měsíci se nikdy nepustí do hádek s konspiračními jelity která křičí že naopak na měsíci bylo i Apollo 20 a zkoumalo tam mimozemskou základnu. To by bylo teprve počteníčko. Pokud to nějaká jelita čtou, udělejte pro nás takovou estrádu, ať je co číst. Apollo 13 csfd. 12:00 the command module (triangle shape) was powered on, NOT THE ROCKET ENGINE, that was considered to essentially be a bomb if they tried to ignite it. Correct words but incorrect graphics.

AWESOME! Thank You. GENE FUCKING KRANZ. The movie skewed memories of what exactly transpired & what was said. This audio is priceless. Thank you for locating and uploading it. Fantastic, thank you really really much. Outstanding. Failure is not an option. Apol c2 b7lo 13 code. Apollo 13 ending. A good historical film that traces the Apollo 13 mission, we have three visions of action, the rocket where are the three astronauts, the NASA command post where the best scientists of the world try to help these three men stuck in the space and the families, mostly Jim Lovell's, played by Tom Hanks, these three points of view are quite interesting. I think that the fact that I already know the story, and therefore the end, disturbed me a bit, at no time did I think "they may not be able to survive" it's a disadvantage, we do with. All in all the movie is good or very good but I think, even if it seems harmless, I would have liked that the sentence "Houston, we've had a problem" has more importance and is said in a tone perhaps more solemn than just said like that, it is certainly why I rate 7 and not 8. "Houston, we've had a problem" was essential.

This is the least accurate representation of Apollo 13 that Ive seen. There is so much misinformation.

Light me another cigarette 😷

Did they save him. Apollo 13 was launched at the 13 day on the 13 hour. coincidence. Who else is here to hear the lines from movie how they actually sounded. Apol c2 b7lo 13 test.


But it worked in Kerbal Space Program. When we eventually land on the Moon again, I want it to simply go; steps off/out of lander We have returned. Dude, you cut off the best line of the movie. They take square cartridges. And the ones on the LEM are round. Kranz scoffs Tell me this isn't a government operation. Also, for some reason I haven't seen the re-entry scene with water dripping off the panels yet I've watched the movie half a dozen times.

Apollo 13 trailer. Where'd these idiots get 45 hrs from, I mean seriously did they even graduate college? The ship was at least 72 hrs away so preserve as much energy as is possible, though I think shutting down the cabin heater was a huge mistake, they essentially asked them to live in a freezer for 3 damn days while Houston worked out a solution! By shutting everything down Houston was incredibly negligent, Jack noticed a high concentration on the command module's panels, that was due to the extreme cold that the shutdown caused, that condensation could've very well caused the whole ship to blow if a short out had happened.

ApolÂlo 13 juillet. Apollo 13 power up. Apollo 13 is deliberate and specially focused on the events that transpired with the Apollo 13 crew. It has a ln attention to detail that is unparamount in most retellings of true stories. There's no doubt this movie is as entertaining as it is truly informative when it comes to the space missions of the 60's. 58:36 ( 56:44:49 Mission Time) TELMU from Flight, I want you to get some guys figuring out minimum power in the LEM to sustain life. Never heard that quote before. Chilling.

Apollo 13 launch. Apol c2 b7lo 13 medical.



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